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Children’s Toe Walking Not a Sign of Bigger Problems

A new study, in the journal Pediatrics proved what I’ve advised parents instinctively all along.  Just because a child walks on their toes, does not mean they will have a neurological problem.

I tell parents, just because you hear ticking, doesn’t mean it’s a bomb.

“For parents, it is important to understand that toe walking does not indicate an underlying problem for most children, says Jonathan Strober, MD, a pediatric neurologist at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco. He was not involved in the research.

Nevertheless, he says, many parents become understandably alarmed when their child starts to toe walk. He was no exception. His 3-year-old daughter is a toe walker.”I freaked out,” he says. “As a neurologist, the worst possibilities went through my head.”

Fortunately, Strober’s daughter is just fine. And what he likes most about this study is that it offers reassuring evidence that the same can be said for most toe walkers.”

via Children’s Toe Walking Not a Sign of Bigger Problems.

I feel for you Dr. Strober, the first time my baby didn’t make eye contact (what baby makes eye contact at 1 hr old?) I worried he might have autism.  Of course, that’s after freaking out about every little pain or moan that came out of my wife for 9 months. 

It reminds me of something one of my friends said about another friend at the birth of his child. The new father had said he was worried, and our friend said “He’ll be worrying the rest of the child’s life.”

Baby Eye Color Before and After Pictures

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I want to do a post on baby eye color and I’m looking to collect newborn or infant pics that show baby eye color clearly, and then later pictures that show how their eyes came out. Thanks!