Losing the umbilcal cord stump

I was changing the diaper on my second child was about 2 weeks old, when I noticed his umbilical cord stump was not there anymore! I thought as a jaded pediatrician that wouldn’t be a big deal, and it was my second child. But now I know, that’s a pretty monumental exciting rite of passage for the little one. And it makes the diaper change easier. But why didn’t my wife share the great news with me?
“Honey, his umbilical cord is gone! When did it fall off?” I said (meaning why didn’t you tell me?) She said innocently, “I don’t know, it was there when I changed him last”.
Where did it go? We both looked at each other. And then around the changing table…on the floor…Then at the same time we looked at our almost 2 year toddling across the floor just in time to watch him spit out his brother’s umbilical stump!
Yes we were as grossed out, and amused as you probably are now.

What’s the grossest or most horrific thing you ever caught your child with in their mouth?

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