Sleeping on the Road

We are trying out traveling with him internationally. Yes we are brave. So much for routines. One good thing is he recognizes his bedtime cues. We brought a favorite blanket (even though it’s 90 degrees and humid!), a favorite bedtime book-The Very Busy Spider, and the portable playpen from grandma’s house. So after the days adventures, he is getting to sleep ok, albeit initially in our bed. I’m sure we could get him down in his own playpen after a bit of protest, but the hotel neighbors aren’t enjoying the protest.
We are hoping everything will be back to normal when we get back to home. If he can get off schedule that quickly, he should be able to get on schedule quickly too. (I will comment below when we get back to follow up.) As a rule of thumb, for medical problems, I tell parents, anything that makes them sick quickly tends to heal just as quickly. Unfortunately, things with a slow onset tend to take awhile to cure as well. I think that will pan out for behavioral issues as well.
Anyway, it’s time to get back to preparing my lecture (We are traveling so I can do some volunteer medical teaching in Nicaragua. If you want to learn more about our “teach a man to fish” efforts, check out Health Volunteers at )

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