Attitude of Gratitude Happy Thanksgiving

Gratitude Attitude

This week, my bosses ex died suddenly at home with his kids there.  My mother, who has been scared to drive her Prius, switched to driving her husband’s larger car to be safer.  She was the front of a 3car pile up on the freeway.  Fortunately, my mother and sister who was also in the car, are overall okay.

It may be cliche, but Thanksgiving is a time to remember, you never know what life may bring, so make the most of it.  Most of all appreciate what you do have.  I avoid wasting energy worrying about the bad and I focus on the good.  It’s my Attitude of Gratitude.  

Every country has holidays celebrating various victories, and independence.  This day, the  United States of America commemorates finding common ground with Native Americans, where we learned to share a land we all appreciated.  We commemorate it, and title it, as a day of giving thanks for all we have.  I am grateful for those moments when our opposing political parties find common ground and we progress as a nation.

On Thanksgiving, my amazing partner and I were also married.  Our lives together, have built on this attitude of Gratitude that we will instill in our son.
Every night before going to sleep, we say something we are grateful for.  We go to bed grateful and happy.  
When I was a kid, on Thanksgiving my family did “Thankfuls”.  I thought they were weird.  Now every day it is easy for me to seek what is wonderful about my day, my friends, my family, the world, and acknowledge it.  I can’t wait to instill this attitude of gratitude every day in my children.

Happy Thanksgiving.  I am grateful you are interested in what I have to say.  What are you grateful for?

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