Boy’s Will Be Boys

So Daddy is back from a week long work trip on the pediatric ward up North in Central California.  It has been a nice 5 long weeks since I’ve had to travel.  We figured out, that besides when he was born and I was home 7 weeks, that’s a record since we’ve been together!

After starting Pediatric training over 15 years ago, I learned one thing about naked baby boys.  They will aim and fire at will.  (I’m not sure if that ends at babyhood!).   I’ve been exceptional in my Pediatric career at not getting hit by baby pee.  Although parents always amusingly (and proudly?)  share with me that their sons “Peed all over the scale” as my wife did after my son’s first pediatric visit.  They smile even wider when their son “Peed all over the nurse”.

Yet I’ve once again learned, years of knowledge, do not replace experience.  Right after a shower, when I stopped to send a nice pic to Mommy…he shot the cannon.  Twice.  The second to last pic is the look of shock on his face after he’s peed on it.  The last one is his amusement at my amusement.  Who wouldn’t be amused to see pee all over their (freshly showered) son’s face?!

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