The life of the patient

I write this blog, because I am now the patient’s family.  I write it to help physician’s remember medical advice, is just that, advice.  When it comes to actually executing all that wonderful advice, I’m finding, it’s much easier said than is done.

My other aim is to now give that advice, as a parent, in a different way then I gave it, when I didn’t get to actually try these things out.

As a friend said, empathy has given way to sympathy now.

I am writing today’s entry after watching a friend’s video about a day in her life.  She is about to turn 50.  What makes her life relevant here is that she is surviving a “childhood” illness, cystic fibrosis.  When I started my residency, the average lifespan of people with CF was just getting into the early 20′s.  Now with modern advancements in caring for this disease, the average age is 35!   She is an inspiration that fights hard to beat the odds.  Every day.  Every minute.

Here is her video she made in celebration of her birthday.  It shows some of the reality of living with this disease.  When I prescribe this treatment and that treatment, this med and that med, I will remember watching this and what it’s like to execute medical regimens. 

Heck, I even have a hard time putting sun screen on my baby!  If I put it on his hands, he’ll eat it.   I never thought about that!

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