Tricks and Myths. How to Initiate Labor Naturally (My almost second post)

Here is my “almost second post” I wrote while sitting in the hospital waiting for my child to be born. You can see the first post above, also written while my wife was in labor. She ended up in labor for 26 hours! No epidural, natural labor with 23 hours of contractions… then another 3 hours of pushing…then a vacuum extraction since that didn’t work…then a Cesarean birth since that didn’t work. She did it all (except an episiotomy!).

Tricks and myths. How to initiate labor naturally.

What works to help a woman go into labor? We’ve heard it all.
My step-mother swore by the bumpy dirt road she drove down before she had my brother and sister. Of course, that sure doesn’t sound very comfortable to a pregnant woman who’s carrying an extra bowling ball over her belt.

My mother is an advocate of stair climbing.

40 Weeks Pregnant Stair Climbing

40 Weeks Pregnant Stair Climbing

We went to the pro NFL stadium yesterday to watch the local high school football championships, and climbed plenty of stairs. I thought maybe the crowd noise, and the game excitement might push her over the edge. Scratch that one off the list too.

We were told to walk the mall by a friend who is a doctor’s wife. The same advice was also given by the OB nurse we called a few days in a row, with our first Braxton-Hicks contractions. Several mall walks (and pregnant brain purchases) later, still no baby.

Red raspberry tea, was a potion we avoided prior to being full term. Primrose tea and mineral oil, are also rumored to start off labor. We didn’t try those. Mineral oil is also used to treat constipation, and that wasn’t an issue.

The jury is still out on the hot wings we had last night, volcano hot. As my wife says, if she’s been eating hot food throughout the whole pregnancy, why would that set her off now? I don’t think the delicious jalapeno chicken sausage did it either (neither of the 2 times we ate it!)

BMJ, the British Medical Journal, publishes a book they give out free to doctors every year, which reviews the latest medical evidence on a variety of topics. According to their evidence based medicine review, some studies say sex can spark labor, while other studies failed to prove that. Considering a couple is not supposed to have sex for 6 weeks after delivery, it seems like any couple that still feels frisky should take advantage of this potentially beneficial opportunity.

A new one we hadn’t heard, was steamed spinach. According to the entertaining Judy, owner of the somewhat famous Big Kitchen Cafe in San Diego (where Whoopi Goldberg once washed dishes), it takes 4 days of steamed spinach to induce labor. We’re on our 3rd day of spinach, and started to have stronger contractions at 3am, but got induced with pitocin for other reasons this morning. She was induced, though she also did have the baby 4 days after starting the spinach. I may have to research this further, but so far, our first experiment testing the spinach theory worked!

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