Pura Vida=Pure Life

Pura Vida

When I gaze at my child, I see the purity of life.  It reminds me of the phrase Pura Vida, or Pure Life in English.  In Costa Rica “Pura Vida” is used as an everyday greeting, like hello, or Shalom in Israel.  It’s also good bye, like Shalom in Israel.  Best of all, it’s an answer to the question “how are you?”  They answer “Pura Vida”.  It creates a great mentality that is much better than our pat answer of “fine”.


I gaze at my sleeping child and it gives me great peace.  One because he’s my child.  Secondly, because I know he is at peace.  He is living life at it’s most pure form right now. When he’s been fed and changed, his little innocent mind has not a care in the world.  When he wants something, he screams.  And he gets it!  I wouldn’t have a care in the world either if I could just scream and get whatever I want.  And, while he’s only a few months old, I’ll give it to him.  Unconditional love=Pura Vida.

And when he grows up, I will teach him when people ask you “How are you?,” he will answer “Great!” like his parents do.


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