Pediatrician Turned Parent

Welcome to my blog.  I am an experienced pediatrician, who until now, has missed an essential ingredient in my ongoing education.  I have practiced for over 15 years, I am clinical faculty at 2 leading medical schools, and I’ve given parenting and child health advice to thousands, all based on a classic pediatric education.  Now I’m re-educating myself based on practical experience as a new parent myself.  As I once said, a pediatrician without kids, is like a podiatrist without feet.

As I rethink everything I’ve learned  (and taught) based on my new experiences, I’ll share some of those insights with you.  I already find myself answering questions from distraught parents in the office with a new understanding.  I knew in theory about the sleepless nights, but I hadn’t lived it.  I thought being up all night answering pages in the hospital was just as bad.  It’s different.  As I write this during some precious almost downtime, I have to reach up every few seconds to rock my new son’s bassinet until he falls into a deeper, less squirmy, less grunty, sleep.

I understand more.  I understand I’m still learning.  And, as I’ve always understood, every kid is different.  What might work for one, wont always work for another.  I’m experiencing that adage every day (and night!).

I welcome comments, discussion, and feedback from parents, and other providers.  I’m planning to learn a ton from your insights.  I do not intend to create an all inclusive medical advice forum.  I will do some product reviews.  (I am a techie at heart, and we are trying other fun things like cloth diapers out).  I will offer parent education about health matters.  I will comment on other interesting things I find on the internet.  Mostly, I will discuss those matters I feel passionate about (or at the least find interesting) as a parent now.  And we’ll have some fun.

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